Train Derails in Rockford

Photos by Harlem-Roscoe Fire Chief Don Shoevlin and local photographer Buzz Carlson

June 19, 2009

Cherry Valley Fire called for mutual aid for the train derailment on Mulford Road in Rockford. It seems a train with tanker cars derailed, exploded, and many were on fire. There was one fatality and several injuries. A local newspaper at has all the details of the accident.

The MABAS Box Alarm called for Harlem-Roscoe Fire to send one engine and a chief. Our engine company responded around 9pm and was on scene until early the next morning. Chief Don Shoevlin responded first to staging, then helped with command on the south side of the tracks the next morning. It would be early afternoon before he would be released and headed home.

Chief Shoevlin snapped a couple pictures:



A local photographer, Buzz Carlson, was also on scene and has given us permission to post some of the pictures he took: