Ambulance Involved in Accident

Photos by HRFD Photographer Sheryl Drost


Three Harlem-Roscoe Fire EMS were sitting in an ambulance at a stop light on Hwy 251 and Prairie Hill Rd., returning from a call with no patient on board, when they became involved in an accident. It seems a Chrysler Concorde and a Ford pickup crashed in front of them. The force of the crash sent the Concorde into a light pole and the Ford crashed into the side of the ambulance. The three medics were unhurt. After radioing in the accident, the trio went immediately into response mode checking for victims in the other two vehicles. The driver of the pickup was unhurt. The driver and a child passenger in the Concorde were transported to the hospital by another Harlem-Roscoe Ambulance. South Beloit Fire and Rockton Fire also assisted with the call.







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