Truck & Trailer Rollover

Photos by HRFD Photographer Sheryl Drost


Harlem-Roscoe and South Beloit Firefighters did an exceptional job working side-by-side extricating three passengers out of a Dodge pickup off I-90 at mm1 eastbound. The truck pulling a trailer had rolled into piles of road debris before coming to a stop. The driver was already out of the truck when units arrived and was transported by ambulance. I-90 was closed and Lifeline, React and UW Helicopters were landed on the roadway and transported the three passengers. It was a long and difficult extrication and the two departments truly showed their expertise. Great job Harlem-Roscoe and South Beloit Firefighters and EMTs!

A special thanks to the three helicopter crews that assisted on this call.

Lifeline Helicopter was first in...

Next in was React Helicopter . . .

Then UW Med Flight made three helicopters on the ground!







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