I-90 Crash with Hazardous Materials Leaking

Photos by HRFD Photographer Sheryl Drost


Harlem-Roscoe Firefighters were dispatched for an accident with injuries on I-90 mm 5. A semi truck had rear-ended another semi truck. There was no fire. The driver in the second semi was trapped and his hazardous cargo was leaking from the trailer. Both northbound lanes were shut down and I-90 authorities and the IL State Police had traffic routed off I-90 at Hwy 173. Firefighter extricated the driver of the second semi and transported him to the hospital by ambulance. The first driver was unhurt. Hazmat teams from SERT and Rockford Fire were dispatched to the scene. The trailer was opened and the damaged containers of hazardous materials and the spill was contained. It would be three hours before I-90 would be re-opened.







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