August 26 - Photos by Photographer Sheryl Drost

Ever wonder why the Illinois Tollway placed that cable fencing in the median? The official explanation on the IL Tollway website is, “A cable median barrier is a traffic device that enhances safety for Tollway customers by absorbing the impact of vehicles crossing into the median and helping to prevent crashes.”
August 26, a driver heading East on I-90 found out first hand how well they really work. It seems the driver lost control and headed into the median.The cable barrier did it’s job and kept the vehicle from traveling into on-coming traffi c and may just have saved the driver’s life.


August 26 - Photos by Photographer Sheryl Drost

Two drivers were extricated and transported to the hospital in a three vehicle accident at the intersection of Love Rd. and McCurry Rd. The force of the crash sent one of the vehicles into the ditch.


August 28 - Photos by Photographer Sheryl Drost

Three ambulances were dispatched out on I-90 for a rollover of a minivan. One child had been thrown from the vehicle, but it seems seat belts may have saved the other six passengers from severe injuries.


September 6 - Photos by Photographer Marcia Soppe

The driver of this Chrysler lost control on Forest Hills Rd. and the car rolled four times and took out a small tree before coming to a stop. The driver was transported to the hospital by ambulance.


September 10 - Photos by Photographer Marcia Soppe

A near head-on collision on Roscoe Rd and Gleasman sent three to the hospital.


September 14 - Photos by Photographer Sheryl Drost

A 6-vehicle pile-up in a construction zone sent several to the hospital and shut down the southbound lane of Hwy 251.










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