House Fire

Photos by HRFD Photographers Sheryl Drost & Marcia Soppe


Harlem-Roscoe Firefighters were rousted from the beds around 3:30 am on Jan 4 for the first fire of the year. Trucks from all three stations responded to the north end of the fire district on Middle Rd. Fire was through the roof when units arrived. With below zero windchills and winds that picked up during the fire, the firefighter fought hard on this one. The fire had gotten into the roof before they arrived and the home had three different roofs for the firefighters to cut through to just get to the fire from the inside.


H-R Photographer Sheryl Drost headed to the rear of the home. . .

H-R Photographer Marcia Soppe started shooting the supply and attack trucks and the front of the home.







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