Firefighters Save Home


February 8, 2008

Firefighters were crawling along the first floor of a smoke-filled home on County Line Road looking for the seat of the fire when they heard, "Fire, fire, leave the building immediately!". Firefighters Mike Huffman, Tom Lake, and Clint Evans ignored the warning. It did startle them, but they quickly realized that it was a smoke detector with audio warnings. The homeowner had headed the warnings however, and was safe outside when firefighters arrived.

As Assistant Chief Ken O'Dell fed them hose from the back door, Mike, Tom, and Clint wound their way through the first floor, down a flight of spiral stairs into the basement where they found the fire and extinguished it. The room had no windows, and the heat was still intense they had to bust out an exterior wall to ventilate. Second in crews were also opening all the windows in the other floors of the home. A positive pressure fan was set up to rid the home of smoke. The fire was extinguished quickly and luckily the family cat was found upstairs alive.

Harlem-Roscoe Fire Investigators investigated and found the fire started at the electric box in the basement laundry room.