Car Fire at the Local Wal-Mart

Photos & Story by Sheryl Drost

March 19, 2008, smoke started showing from a parked car in the parking lot at Wal-Mart. People quickly moved their cars as someone called 9-1-1. Employees announced over the intercom for the owner, and she was quickly located. A couple off-duty firefighters helped the lady take out some of her belongings as the fire quickly spread through the car. The engine area was fully involved with fire when Harlem-Roscoe Fire units arrived. As hoses were pulled, a pnuematic shock on the front bumper blew, sending part of the bumper spiraling out into the spectators. Luckily, no one was hit. The firefighters got a wake up call reminding all of us that those shocks can explode.

For the general public: There are a number of dangers in a vehicle fire, and one should stay safely at a distance. Not only can the bumper shocks blow, but the tires, air bags, and who knows what's in that trunk! The smoke is also very toxic from all the new plastics, etc. And, eventually the gas lines will rupture, becoming even more dangerous. It's just best to let the trained firefighters who are also properly clothed, fight the fire.