Lightning and Fires and Bees, Oh my!

Photos by HRFD Photographers Sheryl Drost & Marcia Soppe


06/15/11 Lightning Strike - A family was rousted from their beds after lightning struck their home on Dearborn Ave. in Roscoe. The strike caused a fire in the furnace sending the family out into the pouring rain, and into the shelter of their vehicle, as they waited for help to arrive. The fire was quickly extinguished and a positive pressure fan was used to rid the home of smoke.


06/18/11 Fire - Firefighters responded to a report of smoke behind a row of large apartment buildings on Andrews Dr. The culprit was a fire in a large dumpster.


06/19/11 Fire

!! DANGER: Rags, steel wool or waste soaked with this product may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Immediately after each use, place rags, steel wool or waste in a sealed, water-filled metal container and dispose of according to local regulations. !!

Just like many of us don't, the residents on Amy Ln. didn't read the above warning label on the can of oil stain they were using to stain their wood floors, and put their oily rags in a box in the garage. The oily rags caught fire, but there was not enough combustibles nearby to keep the fire going and it put itself out. When the residents returned home and opened their garage, luckily all they found was some smoke. Firefighters checked the attic above the burned rags and ventilated the garage.


06/20/11 Fire - Firefighters responded to a grass fire on I-90 just north of Rockton Rd.


06/20/11 Bees - It seems a semi truck hauling bees stopped at Loves Truck Stop for gas and a few thousand of the bees thought the canopy above them was something they wanted to check out. Well, you guessed it, the truck pulled away and the bees were left without a home.

The exact same thing happend just last year, so Chief Shoevlin knew just what to do; A local bee keeper was called to the scene. The department's aerial truck was used to get the bee keeper up to the bees. He put a box with a honeycomb and some bees in it above the swarm and the bees went into the box. The box was left up there for a few hours till most of the bees were safely inside.










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