Busy Fire Day

Photos by HRFD Photographer Sheryl Drost


Do the the lack of rain and high temperatures, yards, field, medians and ditches are prime tinder for discarded cigarettes or tossed fireworks. Tuesday, July 10, firefighters extinguished a burning yard on Crown Pt. and chased several fires in the ditches along Belvidere Rd. Earlier in the morning, they also responded to smoke in a home where the furnace motor was the culprit.


Below , Firefighter Ken Boris and Capt. Tom Aaker finish extinguishing a yard that burned on Crown Point in Roscoe. The fire spread throughout their whole yard and burned parts of their fence as well as melted the siding on the home.


Firefighters chased several fires along Belvidere Rd. Neighbors heard fireworks go off before the fires.


Below, Firefighters responded to a home on Lotus Ln. where they found a motor on a furnace was smoking. A/C's have been running almost non stop. Have you checked your air filter on your furnace? Not only can you save money operating your A/C system, but a badly clogged air filter can also cause motors to overwork on your furnace.




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