Abandoned Barn Fire

Photos by HRFD Photographer Sheryl Drost & Marcia Soppe


Firefighters were rousted from their beds at 1:01am for a report of a structure fire off Hwy 173. Flames could be seen for miles as units approached the scene. A large abandoned L-shaped barn was found fully involved when units arrived. The fire was also spreading to nearby trees and brush. Firefighters hustled and laid 2100 ft. of hose line down a long lane and out to a hydrant on Hwy 173 to supply two attack trucks that made it up to the fire. Firefighters fought hard and were able to get the fire under control, then it was mopping up the hot spots and re-racking all that hose. The cause is undetermined and under investigation. No one was injured.


Photos by Photographer Sheryl Drost


Photos by Photographer Marcia Soppe




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