Another Fire at Harlem High School

Photos by Harlem-Roscoe Fire Photographer Sheryl Drost

October 14, 2008

Around 5am, firefighters were called to Harlem High School for a small fire in the gymnasium. The fire had extinguished itself before firefighters arrived. After firefighters found unknown liquids on the floors though, Chief Don Shoevlin called in the hazmat teams. The Sheriff's Emergency Response Team (SERT) and the MABAS DECON truck and crew from Rockford Fire's Hazmat Team were dispatched to the scene and collected and tested the liquids. With what they found, a special hazardous cleanup company was needed, and called in. School had also been cancelled for the day. The IL State Fire Marshal's Investigator then investigated the fire scene. In a news conference later in the day, school officials and local police announced that a juvenile was in now in custody and charged with this fire and the one in the library on September 23.