House Fire


Harlem-Roscoe Firefighters were dispatched to a house fire on Whispering Wind Dr. in Roscoe at 5:38am this morning, Dec. 18, for a working house fire in near zero temperatures. First units in reported an attached garage was fully involved with fire as well as two vehicles in the driveway. Harlem-Roscoe Fire Chief Don Shoevlin said, "The firefighters made an aggressive attack on the fire and were able to contain most the fire damage to the garage and vehicles." A MABAS box was called for tankers since the area has no hydrants. Smoke detectors had alerted the family and they were safely outside when units arrived. The fire is believed to be caused by a portable heater in the garage.

<< Click for short video clip of the fire when units arrived on scene.

Video & Photos by HRFD Photographer Sheryl Drost


Photos by Photographer Marcia Soppe








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