Flooding Photos by Harlem-Roscoe Fire Photographer Sheryl Drost


June 15, 2008

June of 2008 will go down in the history books for record flooding in the Harlem-Roscoe Fire District. Luckily, the areas that did flood the worst, we found the residents were prepared for it. It also must be the reason for only a couple calls for help from the fire department. We have also heard a lot of, "It's the worst flooding we have seen in 20, 30, and even 50 years!" from long time residents.

Long time Edgemere Terrace residents Ginny & John Quinn called for help when the flood waters from the Rock River surrounding their home rose too high for them to safely get out with their dogs Chloe and Sissy.

Left, another resident on Edgemere brings out his dog and birds by boat. Right, A Nicor rep is taken around by boat to shut off gas at all the homes under water on Edgemere Terr.

Both department boats were put in at times on Edgemere Terr.

Left, a canoe replaces the resident's vehicle in this garage. Right 4x4s were used to bring supplies into the flooded area on Edgemere Terrace until the flood waters rose to high for them to make it through.

Then, the only way to get to their homes on Edgemere Terrace was by foot or boat as the flood waters continued to rise.

You can see above how high the river rose from the June 14th to the 15th on the pool in a backyard of a home on Edgemere Terr.

More flooding on Edgemere Terrace

A cabin in Roscoe is surrounded by flood waters as is Riverside Park.

Residents along the Rock River on Ventura Blvd. in Machesney Park sand bag and use pumps to try to keep the water out of the homes.

It may look passable, but it's deceiving how deep the water really is across Ventura Blvd. And after several cars were stranded trying to drive through it, officials blocked off the road.

Homes on Harbor Oaks in Machesney Park were completely surrounded by flood waters.

Above and below are more flooded homes on Harbor Oaks. The only way in was by boat or by foot.

Left, Fox News was out on Roscoe Road taping a segment with a local farmer on the effects the flooding is having on his corn crop. Right, flood waters creep ever closer to covering Roscoe Road.

North Park Fire to our South also had their hands full with flooding from the Rock River. Above, they work with Nicor to shut off gas to homes flooded on Shore Drive in Machesney Park. Below are a couple more pictures from Shore Drive.