Firefighters Save One of Their Own

Saturday, April 14, Harlem-Roscoe Firefighters and boats responded to Rockton Fire's request for mutual aid on a water rescue in the Rock River. It seems a boat with two fishermen in it had capsized and the men were now stranded in the water amongst tree stumps and roots. Luckily a man walking a dog had heard their calls for help and called 911. Rockton Fire dispatched for the water rescue and boats from Rockton Fire, South Beloit Fire, and Harlem-Roscoe Fire were quickly launched with other departments on their way.

South Beloit Firefighters were able to get to the two very cold men and get them into their boat. The two were whisked to shore to waiting ambulances from Rockton Fire and Harlem-Roscoe Fire.

It was a surprise to all the firefighters when they realized that one of the fishermen was one of their own, Harlem-Roscoe Lt. Aaron Miller and the other was Aaron's father, Willis Miller. The two were transported to the hospital and released later in the day. Willis had to be readmitted the next day, but now is home and doing well!

It seems the motor had failed and before Aaron could get it restarted, they started hitting stumps in the fast moving current flipping the boat and sending them into the 44 degree water and tangling them into roots and stumps. Aaron isn't sure, but he thinks they were in the water 45 minutes. The boat will be recovered when the river goes back down.

A special thank you to the three South Beloit firefighters that rescued

Lt. Miller and his father out of the water and brought them to shore!