First Snow Storm of The Season

Photos by HRFD Photographer Sheryl Drost


Harlem-Roscoe Firefighters have had a busy couple days with the first snow storm of the season. Around 3:30pm on the 20th, many side roads were becoming impassable as was the case on Mitchell Rd., north of Hwy 173. A Rockford school bus slid into the ditch and several cars including responding ambulances were also getting stuck. Firefighters unloaded the students in the bus to a warm ambulance. The students were unhurt. Some parents arrived and transported their children and school officials transported the remaining students. Firefighters also helped free the stuck cars and ambulances. Fire trucks also stood by for hours watching downed power lines until electric companies arrived. And many cars were abandoned during the storm after sliding into ditches.

The day after the storm still saw slick roads. Firefighters responded to a bus that had slid into the ditch off Rockton Rd., but this time no students were on board. Then a Chevy pickup crashed into the guard rail on Hwy 251 and rolled into the tree line. Surprisingly, the driver was unhurt. Then a Ford Grand Prix and a IDOT snow plow crashed at the intersection of Hwy 251 and Bridge St. Both drivers were unhurt.





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