EF1 Tornado Damages Station

Photos by HRFD Photographer Sheryl Drost & Marcia Soppe


Severe storms plowed their way through the fire district on May 22 bringing down trees and power lines all over the fire district and spawning what the NWS is calling a EF1 tornado that damaged Fire Station #3 on Willowbrook Rd. Firefighters were at the station when one of them looked out the door and saw what looked like a small tornado heading right at the station. As the firefighters ran to an inner room, they said the sound was like a train, and they could hear the doors blow off and the ceiling tiles above their heads in the hallway blew off. Luckily no one was hurt. When they went outside they found more damage. Several trees and all three flag poles were on the ground and one of the bay doors that had blown off damaged the side of the station. The smoke house was also pushed into the Stateline Technical Trailer causing damage to both vehicles..


05/26/2011- The National Weather Service has now labeled the storm that hit Station Three an EF1 (86-110mph) TORNADO !


Damage at Station Three - Photos by Photographer Sheryl Drost


Storm Damage in Rosce - Photos by Photographer Marcia Soppe

The next morning photos by Photographer Sheryl Drost

Representative from National Weather Service investigated the damage to access whether the damage was from staight line winds or a tornado.


More damage in the area.





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