Storm Damage

Photos by HRFD Photographer Sheryl Drost


Another storm took aim on the area with high winds leaving in its wake downed trees, wires and poles.

One limb fell on a boat docked on the Rock River off Ventura Blvd. The owner thought she saw a fire on the boat, but it seems the lights on the boat came on when the limb fell on the boat.

The sheds in the parking lot of Lowes on N. Alpine were blown to pieces out onto N. Alpine. A tree on Minahan Dr. was hit by lightning and a limb fell on the nearby home.

Trees and downed wires were all over in Machesney Park.

The winds tangled a tent and a billboard sign on N. Alpine Rd.

A tree branch that fell on a power line caught fire on Gleasman Rd. in Roscoe, and you can see the corn in the fields were bent over from the high winds.




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