Fire Chief George McDonald

1945 - 1952

Chief George McDonald also served as a firefighter on the early Roscoe Fire Department as well as when it became a fire protection district. He served as Fire Chief for seven years for the fire district. Chief McDonald ran a car lot and was owner of the McDonald’s Shell Service Station. It was just natural for him to want to help the community he knew so well.

His daughter Verna Bupprick recalled, “We could set off the fire siren by a button on the wall in our kitchen. I remember as a teen, I didn’t like that the fire phone came into our home because I couldn’t talk to my boyfriend.” Chief McDonald would make keys available so firefighters could stop at the station and fill up the fire trucks whenever it was needed. His two sons, Richard and Roger both served as firefighters and his granddaughter, Rhonda McDonald, currently serves as a dispatcher.