Become A HRFD Firefighter

HRFD is currently accepting applications to join Harlem-Roscoe Fire as a Volunteer Firefighter.

ELigibility Requirements:

* Be 18 years old

* Have a high school diploma

* Live within the Harlem-Roscoe Fire Protection District boundaries set by the Board of Trustees within 6 months of the start of the program

* Be in good physical condition

* Complete department's Physical Agility Test

* Do not have a criminal background

* Have sound transportation to respond to stations for all calls in a timely manner.

*Be able to wear department issued PPE includeing breathing protection (SCBA) while successfully completing routine tasks performed by firefighters in hazardous situations.

* Be able to deploy ladders (with and without assistance) and work from heights over 10 feet above ground

* Be able to operate manual and mechanical devices safely, such as (but not limited to) hand tools, ventilation saws, fans, pumps, electric geneartors and hydraulic tools.

* Assist medical staff on EMS calls


3 ways to apply:

* Apply at Fire Sta #1 at 10544 Main St. in Roscoe.

* Online - Email the completed applcation. Information below.

* Fax the completed application to 815-623-8831

Please note!!

Fill out this application and save it on your computer. Then attach it to an email to